The Establishment of funglr Commerce, Inc.


The Establishment of funglr Commerce, Inc.

Thank you very much for always supporting us.
funglr Commerce, Inc. has established as an E-commerce department of funglr, inc. since March 19th, 2015.
The main service of funglr, Inc. is server infrastructure, and we use the professional skills for the in-house server construction and operations. funglr Commerce, Inc. is specialized in sales promotions of our brands’ products on E-commerce sites.
We are the experts in Web design, and we will use our creativity to keep developing and producing new products.

The story behind the establishment of funglr Commerce, Inc.

According to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s marketing research, the sales of Japanese BtoC-EC (electronic commerce to consumers) market has been expanding to 12.8 trillion yen (14.6% more compared to last year).
The EC market is rapidly growing every year, and the industry expects the market will produce more than 20 trillion yen gross profit by 2020.
Entering the EC marketplace usually costs a lot by renting ASP and registering to join the major EC malls. However, we’ve had the business experiences and in-house technical skills of server construction, operations, security measure, EC sites construction, Web design, and coding. We make it possible to create EC sites with small budgets in a short period of time.
funglr, Inc. has been also doing the data center operations outside of Japan. We’ve established the strong business connections with oversea factories for product planning and development. Having the partnerships with oversea corporations makes our business possible to expand not only in Japan but also in Asian countries. Because of those reasons, we established this E-commerce company as a part of funglr, Inc.
Expanding our business into the rapidly growing EC market is one of our primary long-term business strategies. funglr Commerce, Inc has a significant role to accomplish the goal.
We will keep tring our best to bring the best service for you. Thank you very much for your cooperation in advance.

About funglr Commerce, Inc.

Company Name funglr Commerce, Inc.
Head Office 2F River Building, 6-3-12 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo,107-0052 Japan
Established Date March 19th, 2015
Capital 5,000,000JPY
Major Shareholder funglr, Inc.100%
Business Product planning and development of goods and cosmetics. Marketing, importing and exporting. Designing/building/operating of EC websites.